Light Energization

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Light Energization
Light Energization ™ is for those who embody passion for and commitment to their spiritual evolution and desire a spiritual awakening. A unique systematic energy initiation that invokes higher spiritual frequencies and radiations of light from the cosmic realms to embrace, align, and modulate the spiritual, astral and etheric bodies.  The initiation expands the atoms, molecules, and cellular composition to assimilate and sustain the sacred geometric vibrations that open spiritual gateways to other dimensions and higher levels of consciousness.  This sacred and magical process is the legacy of the late Brazilian healer, Mauricio Panisset.
In this unique and sacred process, you will awaken and draw the kundalini energy up through the chakras to awaken the higher energy centers and open psychic vision. 
Light Energization
  • Expands Psychic Vision
  • Change the pitch of the electromagnetic currents in the energy field and attune them to cosmic pulsations that awaken you to the higher laws of light
  • Connect the pineal and pituitary glands to form a cradle of light for the Christ energy
  • Establish or increase energy connections with spiritual guides and teachers
  • Balance the male and female energies
  • Ignite and safely expand our kundalini energy to facilitate inner peace and harmony
  • Expand and balance the eight major chakras
  • Expand energy meridians within the physical, mental, and emotional bodies to activate   personal growth
  • Invoke the divine blueprint within to activate and return your energy pattern to its original and holy state of cosmic wholeness and health

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