Education Qualifications

Education & Qualifications for Dr. Mary Mueller Holtz

  • Registered Nurse, ASN Degree Miami Dade College 1977
  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine, DOM. Acupuncture Physician, AP.
  • Graduate of Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1999
  • Acupuncture State Licensed in Florida, NCCAOM Board Certified
  • Doctor of Science, Transpersonal Psychology & Complimentary and Alternative Medical Therapies, Ph.D.
  • Doctor of Metaphysical Healing, Mh.D. Doctor of  RoHun, Rh.D.
  • Ordained Minister in the Church of Wisdom
  • Healing Works International Practitioner
  • Holistic Health Practitioner

Dr. Mary Mueller Holtz’s medical training has encompassed both Allopathic (Western) Medicine as well as Oriental Medicine. Her practice treats the full spectrum of human ill health.  As a Holistic Physician, her knowledge includes the realm of the subconscious, the healing of body, mind and soul.

Beginning in 1977 after receiving a degree in Nursing, Mary worked as an RN in Pediatrics, Neonatal ICU, Neurology and Orthopedic units in a multitude of different settings ranging from hospitals, private practices to health departments.

In the early 80’s Dr. Mary started and successfully operated a pain management company where she was able to combine her therapeutic skills in conjunction with effective rehab equipment to provide relief to patients with chronic and acute pain in their home.

In 1999, she continued her pursuit in medicine graduating with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree as an Acupuncturist Physician.

By 2013, following this pursuit, she had accomplished the degrees of Doctor of Metaphysical Healing; Doctor of Science, Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Complimentary and Alternative Medical Therapies; and Doctor of RoHun.

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